Firearms Education and Readiness

FEAR offers a wide variety of training to our clients. Our ability to work with customers to setup classes at any location, at any time, makes us a valuable asset to your firearms education.

Training for victims of a violent crime is done at no charge.


Below are the requirements for attending any FEAR training:

Firearms Education and Readiness Training Session

  • 18 years of age for basic classes or 21 for permit or advanced classes
  • Access to a firearm, either by renting or bringing one to class

If you have been the victim of a violent crime, FEAR can work with you to gain the knowledge and experience you need to obtain a carry permit. FEAR charges nothing to assist in such cases.

Basic Pistol:

This is an NRA certified training course. It covers all aspects of basic pistol from safety and cleaning, to the fundamentals of firing a pistol. Click here for more information.

Combined basic pistol and permit to carry:

Mixing together both the NRA basic pistol class and the MN permit to carry course. One can expect to go straight from zero experience to having all the knowledge needed to effectively use a pistol and legally carry one in Minnesota.

Minnesota Conceal and Carry Permit

Minnesota Department of Public Safety approved permit to carry training:

Covering all aspects of legally carrying a firearm in Minnesota. This is not a beginner class and it is recommended one either has handgun experience or takes a beginner class prior to enrolling. Click here for more information.

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