Firearms Education and Readiness

FEAR offers a wide variety of training to our clients. Our ability to work with customers to setup classes at any location, at any time, makes us a valuable asset to your firearms education.

Training for victims of a violent crime is done at no charge.


Useful Links


Interested in Minnesota Conceal and Carry? You'll find a wealth of information in the links below:


MN Permit To Carry Application

Approved business organizations certified to train instructors in the Minnesota Personal Protection Act

MN BCA section on carry permits

The Law


MCPPA-2005 624.714

MN 609.662 Duty to Render Aid

MN 609.66 Dangerous Weapons

MN 609.666 Proper Storage

MN 609.066 Deadly Force Peace Officers

MN 609.06 Authorized Use of Force

MN 609.065 Justified Taking of Life

MN 624.714 Concealed Carry